Quick Dirty Imagine(: Harry Styles

You and Harry have been dating for almost three years now, and this weekend will be the first weekend your parents are letting you go on a mini vacation with him that is going to last more than a day and you are super excited. When you guys arrive at your cabin after a pretty lengthy drive, both of you dont really want to do anything but relax. so u pick one of the movies you had brought along while Harry makes some snacks. “Harry while you’re up can you bring us a blanket?? its kinda chilly in here” you ask from your spot on the couch. “sure babe” he calls back as he runs to the hallway closet. When he comes to sit down next to you, you immediately start snuggling, and getting comfortable. As the movie plays you get increasingly tired and as you slowly drift off into sleep, your head falls to his lap. You’re not sure how much time has passed but you feel Harry tickle you and whisper ” Y/N, i need to go to the bathroom”, you lift your head enough for him to get up and you watch him leave to go to the bathroom. Now that your awake and the movie is paused time seems to be going really slow and it seems like Harry is in there an eternity. Eventually you get up to go and check on him. “Harry….are you okay in there?” you call from outside the bathroom door. “uuh….ummmm…yea…” he calls from the inside. “Harry, you dont sound okay…”  “Im just having some bodily issues…”  “like what??”  ” Y/N ill be out in a second, stop worrying”  “but i am worrying!! Harry im not leaving till you tell me whats going on!!”, The door opens slightly and Harry’s head peers out, “okay..” he open the door a little wider, just enough for you to slide inside. ” Dont be angry Y/N, you falling asleep on my lap gave me a boner it wouldnt go away, and i didnt know what to do, every part of me wanted to kiss you and make love, but i know you want to wait till marriage so i came in here to see if it would go away….but its not-” he is stopped by you kissing him passionately. “Harry i love you, you are the only person i would ever want to make love to…”  “i feel the same way” he says. Surprisingly the bathroom was pretty big because you both ended up making love on the floor…. when u woke up the next morning, you were nude and covered in blankets on the bathroom floor, and harry was no where to be seen. You get up, grab his shirt and head out the bathroom to go and look for him. When you open the bathroom door there are tons of rose petals on the floor, and they are making a trail…you follow. The trail ends up outside under an arch that is placed there, and you see harry standing there so you approach, as you approach he takes your hand, goes down on one knee and says “Y/N last night was amazing and you are amazing, every single part of you and i know i want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” you hug him and scream “yes!!!!”

Enjoy!!!! - what-is-lov-e   <3