Dirty Imagines

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You meet Niall in a club

It was you’re night out with the girls. You guys do this about once a month and every time all of your friends get a guy to go “home” with….except you. So as you were walking in tonight and you weren’t very hopeful… As you walk into the familiar building you gaze upon the dance floor for a guy to dance with because all your friends have already ditched you for the guys they chose. Giving up you walk to the bar and sit down. Not even five minutes later someone takes to seat next to you, you don’t actually look at them but you can tell its a guy. You don’t make anything of it because you don’t really think he will actually talk to you. You feel a finger tap you on the shoulder and you look up to see none other than Niall Horan. You awkwardly stare at him until he snaps his fingers in front of your face to get your attention again. “What is a beautiful girl like you doing sitting by yourself at the bar?” he asks. “I felt like there was no one for me to dance with…” you say looking down. “Well isn’t that a coincidence…i don’t have anyone to dance with either…unless you want to dance with me?” he says looking hopefully at you. “Yea i would like that” you say as your eyes widen with excitement. “Great…what is your name?”. “Y/N”. “What a beautiful name” he says smiling and taking your hand as he leads you to the middle of the dance floor. Along the way you pass your friends and all of their jaws drop as they see who you have caught. When you get the middle, Niall immediately gets behind you and you start grinding. At first you both are kind of timid, trying to figure out the others boundaries but after a while you both relax and really get into it. He has his hands on your hips at first and he slowly starts moving them lower and lower… You don’t mind, its been forever since someone has done this to you. As the night drags on you both start to get a little tired and you have had a little much to drink, so he offers to give you a ride home, but you both know you aren’t really going to your separate homes… when he pulls into his driveway, he opens the car door for you, then the front door. He leads you upstairs and to his bedroom. He closes the door behind him and grabs you by the waist and starts kissing you. You unbutton his shirt and he your blouse. you fall back on his bed and have the best night of your life… The next morning when you wake up he’s staring at you. “what are you looking at?”. “I don’t know….you are just so beautiful in every way, and last night was amazing”. you both go down stairs and he makes you breakfast. you spend the whole day together and that night he asks you for your number and within a week you guys start dating. 


You meet Louis in a club

It was your first time going to a club and you were nervous out of your mind. You had always been known as the goodie-too-shoes, and you just wanted to break that mold, even though it really stressed you out. You’re friends keep telling you that its going to be okay, you nod but you are still anxious. They pick out your outfit for you because you had no idea what to wear, and frankly the cloths they normally wore you didn’t even own. When you guys were all ready you left for the club. As you pulled up you started feeling sick, but you tried to hide it so you’re friends didn’t notice. You guys walk in together and the sight over whelms you, there are tons of people all dancing in ways you didn’t even know exsisited. You start to walk backwards out the doors, but you’re friends grabs your wrists and drag you to the dance floor. For a while they give you pointers on the dancing fashions and they let you try them out. After they are satisfied with your pretty weak dancing skills, they all disperse to go and dance with guys, and you are left alone. For a second you are confused and flustered so your first reaction is to leave the dance floor as fast as you can. Once you are out of the mass of people, you find a small table in the corner of the club and sit down, you put your hands over your eyes and think about how much of a wimp you are and how you are never going to find a boyfriend or a husband for that matter because you were afraid of everything related to boys. As you are sitting there you hear someone come and sit across from you. “Why arent you dancing?” they ask. “I cant dance” you say, “why not?”, “becasue ive never done it before, or done it like this before and im afraid” you say, still not having looked up. You hear the person chuckle and say “i can teach you if you like…im a good teacher and i would never mind spending time with someone as beautiful as you”, this coaxes you to look up, and you are surprised to see Louis Tomlinson. You knew who he was because you were a pretty big directioner, and being a directioner you knew that he had just recently broken up with Eleanor for reasons unknown. You agree and he takes your hand and leads you back to the dance floor. There he wispers in your ear direction to how to dance, these are the same exact things your friends had told you, but he just made it all make sense and slowly you were forgetting about your fear and anxiety. After about 20 min of instruction, you and him just end up dancing together… you are getting more and more comfortable with your newly learned skills and Louis senses that so he takes thing up a few notches at a time. He is now grinding with you and to your surprise, you are really enjoying yourself. He starts feeling you up, first going to your breasts then in the opposite direction, you were a little worried with this but you just thought to yourself ‘YOLO’. and you let him explore. After a while of grinding you decide its your turn to be a little adventurous and you turn around so you are dancing face to face, and you put your hands on his hips. Its almost like your and his minds were connected because he realized what you were thinking and just by looking in his eyes you could tell he was saying ‘go for it’. You move in closer to eachother and you gradually move your hands down, you werent yet in his pants but just playing with it from the outside trying to excite him which came really easy. You eventually had one hand in his pants and the other behind his neck, his hands on your hips. When you had enough you put both hands behind his neck and you guys just danced like that for a while, his hands now on your butt. When its time to leave you are honestly really sad, you turn to him and say “Thanks….that was really nice”, he looks at you, smiles and says “maybe we can do it again sometime” you smile back and say “i hope so”. When you get home your still smiling from your amazing night, and as your getting dressed in your PJ’s a piece of paper falls out of your pants, you pick it up, unfold it and it reads “Call me maybe beautiful? - Louis” your not sure if your more excited about having his number or confused about when he slipped a piece of paper in your pants. You later call him and you start talking…eventually you become great friends and an even better couple.


Liam Payne Dirty Imagine

Imagine you’re going on vacation with your friend and her family. You will be spending the trip at a gorgeous beach in Florida. The hotel you are staying at is very high end because your friend’s family has money. The minute you get there you can hardly move around because there are girls everywhere screaming that One Direction is staying in the hotel. You are annoyed and push past them. Your friend tries to yell something back to you but you can’t hear what she says so you continue going straight. You all get into the lobby and far enough away from the screaming girls to finally hear her. “My dad says we’re staying in room 317” she says as you and her get on the elevator while her parents and younger brother settle stuff at the desk. When you get to your room you are sharing with your friend, you hear loud music and yelling. “That’s a bit inconsiderate,” says your friend as she gestures to the direction the music is coming from. “I just hope it stops soon so we can get some sleep tonight,” you say as you throw your suitcase onto your bed. Since it’s already 7:00 you and your friend shower and get dressed to go get dinner with her family at the restaurant down the street. You and your friend walk down to the restaurant and find the rest of her family. After you guys are finished eating, her parents ask if you guys want to go get some ice cream on the pier. You guys both get your ice cream and tell her parents that you’re going to go back up to the room because it was now 9:30 and you were about to pass out from being so tired. You and your friend fight your way through the screaming girls again and get into the elevator and go back to your room. As soon as you walk down the hall to your room you hear the music and yelling next door again and you turn and look at your friend as she gives you the this-is-not-going-to-be-a-good-night-if-they-don’t-turn-their-music-off-in-the-next-15-minutes look. You smile a little and let out a laugh to agree with her. You guys get into the room and you both change into your pajamas. Before you guys got there, you went shopping at Victoria’s Secret back at home and got a bunch of sexy underwear and sleeping things so you put on your black lace night gown and she put on her matching light blue one. You guys are sitting on her bed, watching TV and the music is still blasting and it’s starting to give you a head ache. “That’s it! I’m going to call the front desk!” your friend says as she starts to reach for the phone. “No, don’t do that. They’re probably just teens on vacation like us. I’ll go over and ask them to be quieter” you say standing up to put flip flops on. You walk over to the suite next to yours and knock gently on the door. You stand there waiting another few seconds before you go to knock again. Just then the door swings open and you feel a confused look cross over your face as Liam Payne stands in the door frame and the other boys are behind him. Liam invites you in and you tell him your situation “Me and my friend were just wondering if you guys could be a little quieter because we’re trying to sleep,” you say. “Oh my god, babe, I’m so sorry! Niall turn down the music and Harry and Lou stop screaming after Zayn!” “Sorry man,” Niall shouts as he searches the couch for the remote. You see Louis answer a call and then he shouts, “Lads, Paul just got here with the crew and they have food!” All of a sudden Niall jumps up and sprints out the door followed by Harry, Louis, and then Zayn. You and Liam hang out in his room for a little longer getting to know each other. “Well I guess I should get back to my friend now. She’s been waiting for me for like 15 minutes,” you say as you stand up and realize what you’re wearing. You instantly feel your face get red and you try to cover yourself up as much as you can. Liam notices and reaches behind him and grabs his sweatshirt off the couch. “Here, use this to cover up,” he says as he drapes it around your shoulders. “Thanks,” you reply as you make your way to the door. You walk out of the door and see Niall and Louis walking back into the room each carrying 3 pizza boxes. You go back into your room and your friend says, “Who’s jacket is that?” You tell her everything and she just stares at you with her mouth open. All of a sudden you hear a knock at your door so you go answer it. You see Liam standing there with a small smile on his face and he asks if you and your friend want to hang out with him in his hot tub. “Hang on, let me ask her,” you say as you turn around to go to your friend. You ask her and she says, “I’m not gonna go in the hot tub because of girl problems, but yeah I’ll go hang out with them” You walk back to Liam and invite him inside while you guys get ready. You put on the tiniest bikini that you brought and put Liam’s big sweatshirt over you. Liam takes your hand and you three walk back to his room. You guys walk into the room and Louis and Zayn start to talk to your friend as Liam keeps walking with you until you get to the balcony. He opens the door for you and you walk outside. He closes the door and locks it from the outside so his friends can’t see. “Go ahead and get in. I’m just going to set the temperatures and stuff,” he says as he starts to press buttons on a panel on the side of the building. You take off the sweatshirt and put in onto one of the chairs. You watch as the window glass goes from clear to a black color. Liam seems to be done because he takes off his shirt and throws it on top of his sweatshirt. He starts walking to the hot tub and you can’t help notice, in the dim light he has set, his perfectly sculpted abs as he lowers himself into the water. You guys begin talking a little more about your home town and what it’s like to be famous. You feel a cool breeze and move closer to Liam hoping that he will keep you warm. Out of nowhere he looks over at you and pulls you over to him, so you’re now sitting on his lap, and kisses you. You jump back startled that he has done so and you see the expression on his face drop because he thinks you have rejected him. You stare into his eyes and then grab the back of his head and pull him into a long kiss. You run your fingers through his damp hair and you feel him smile while he kisses you back. He gently pulls your legs so they are around his back and he moves his hands so they are on your lower back. You feel a chill move through your body as his hands move toward your ribs and then trace the hem of your bikini. Liam whispers in your ear and asks if you want to go inside. You nod your head and he helps you get out of the hot tub. You instantly feel the cold air and start to shiver. Liam pulls you close to him and grabs a towel off the shelf and wraps it around you two. He unlocks the door and you both walk into the hall. You push Liam against the wall and start making out with him and trying to untie his bathing suit. “Not here, babe,” he says as he picks you up and you wrap your legs around his waist. You can feel his bulge against your bathing suit. He walks a few steps down the hall and then crashes into a room. He walks over to his bed and gently puts you on it. He slowly unties your bikini top and moves it down to your lower stomach. You sit up allowing your perfect C cup boobs to move. He admires you for a second and then leans in and kisses your breasts. He caresses them in his hands and moves his finger over the nipple to make it hard and pointy. Then his hands slide down to your bottoms. He slowly pulls it off and begins to kiss your inner thighs. He starts to move his tongue around on your clit making you let out a little moan. You begin to breathe heavily and let out another soft moan. Then Liam pulls his bathing suit off and his huge penis shoots up into the air. He moves it around your vagina to get it wet and then slides it into you. You feel a sharp pain and Liam stops and asks if you’re ok. You nod as you fight back a tear. “Wow you’re really tight, babe. Is this your first time?” he asks. You nod your head as you breathe heavy. Finally you can’t take the pain anymore and you start to scream and it turns Liam on even more. You feel you’re about to orgasm and Liam knows that so he stops to give you a break. You roll on top of him and you accidentally fall on the floor but you keep going and roll around the hotel room while he sticks himself deeper and deeper into you. Liam starts to moan and you try to hold yours back but you can’t anymore so you give in and let out a pleasurable moan. Then hear the door click and both of you turn around to see Harry with one eyebrow raised at the sight of both of you on the floor in front of the door. He then gets a devilish smile on his face and looks at you saying, “Well, NOW who’s being loud?” You and Liam look at each other and your faces instantly get red as you hear the other’s footsteps walking up the hall. You notice that Liam is lying on the ground and you’re on top of him sitting on his lower stomach with his penis inside you, both completely naked. Then all of a sudden you feel Liam shoot his cum inside you and you let out a small moan. Harry starts laughing and closes the door and keeps the others away. You turn and look at Liam and he says, “Well now I can officially say that I’ve cum in front of Harry Styles” you laugh and lean in to kiss him. Liam helps you get cleaned up and you’re about to leave when he tells you to stay. So you and your friend stay the night in the boy’s suite. You’re cuddled in bed with a big warm Liam and your friend is in bed with Zayn. “I’m so glad you came over,” Liam says as he starts kissing your neck. “Me too” you say as you drift off to sleep. 


Quick Dirty Imagine - Harry Styles

You and Harry have been dating for almost three years now, and this weekend will be the first weekend your parents are letting you go on a mini vacation with him that is going to last more than a day and you are super excited. When you guys arrive at your cabin after a pretty lengthy drive, both of you dont really want to do anything but relax. so u pick one of the movies you had brought along while Harry makes some snacks. “Harry while you’re up can you bring us a blanket?? its kinda chilly in here” you ask from your spot on the couch. “sure babe” he calls back as he runs to the hallway closet. When he comes to sit down next to you, you immediately start snuggling, and getting comfortable. As the movie plays you get increasingly tired and as you slowly drift off into sleep, your head falls to his lap. You’re not sure how much time has passed but you feel Harry tickle you and whisper ” Y/N, i need to go to the bathroom”, you lift your head enough for him to get up and you watch him leave to go to the bathroom. Now that your awake and the movie is paused time seems to be going really slow and it seems like Harry is in there an eternity. Eventually you get up to go and check on him. “Harry….are you okay in there?” you call from outside the bathroom door. “uuh….ummmm…yea…” he calls from the inside. “Harry, you dont sound okay…”  “Im just having some bodily issues…”  “like what??”  ” Y/N ill be out in a second, stop worrying”  “but i am worrying!! Harry im not leaving till you tell me whats going on!!”, The door opens slightly and Harry’s head peers out, “okay..” he open the door a little wider, just enough for you to slide inside. ” Dont be angry Y/N, you falling asleep on my lap gave me a boner it wouldnt go away, and i didnt know what to do, every part of me wanted to kiss you and make love, but i know you want to wait till marriage so i came in here to see if it would go away….but its not-” he is stopped by you kissing him passionately. “Harry i love you, you are the only person i would ever want to make love to…”  “i feel the same way” he says. Surprisingly the bathroom was pretty big because you both ended up making love on the floor…. when u woke up the next morning, you were nude and covered in blankets on the bathroom floor, and harry was no where to be seen. You get up, grab his shirt and head out the bathroom to go and look for him. When you open the bathroom door there are tons of rose petals on the floor, and they are making a trail…you follow. The trail ends up outside under an arch that is placed there, and you see harry standing there so you approach, as you approach he takes your hand, goes down on one knee and says “Y/N last night was amazing and you are amazing, every single part of you and i know i want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” you hug him and scream “yes!!!!”