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'Cause It's the Holidays - Liam *Dirty*


s. He takes off his shirt, exposing his wonderful abs for days. Next his shoes, his socks, and then his pants. He isn’t very hard yet; that won’t be so for long. “Alright, now it’s my turn.” You say, slowly taking off your clothes in the same order he took off his. Your panties are almost dripping. He smirks. “Who did that?” He asks rhetorically. “Hey.” You snap. “No mention of that, unless you don’t want this.” He shakes his head. “No, I want it.” You nod, then get on your knees in front of him, slowlf lowering his boxers and releasing his cock. “Mmm, and who did that?” He whimpers.  You start to suck on his cock, bobbing your head up and down. He moans, and it’s like fuel to the sex car; with every moan he makes, you go faster and harder, taking him all in. “Y/N!” He says, his hands tangled in your hair. “Oh my God!” He moans before climaxing into your mouth. You swallow every drop, then go back to siton the couch as if you hadn’t just given him a blow job. “What’s next?” He asks, slightly out of breath. You smirk, and let the two words fall from your lips like honey drips. “Attak me.” He walks over slowly and grabs you, earning a startled squeal. He places you on the floor and takes off your soaking underwear. “Please.” You whimper. he lowers his mouth to your “Hello Kitty” and begins to tongue kiss her. “Oh, Liam.” You moan. He continues to eat you out until your juices flow out and into his mouth.  “LIAM!” You screm, your back arched. “Now, for the main attraction.” He says as you catch your breath. He thrusts into you suddenly, not giving you a single second to adjust. “Liam, when did you get this big?” You moan. He keeps thrusting ina nd out. “My love, go faster! HARDER!” He obeys, and your toes curl as you near your climax. “Liam, I’m gonna c-” “No, hold it babe.” You try, but when you feel his warm juices squirt into you, you can’t hold it any more. “Oh!” You moan as you bith hit your second climaxes. You slowly get off of Liam, and he grabs a blanket to cover you both. “Now, why did that just happen?” Liam asks. ” ‘Cause it’s the holidays.” You say simply, reaching  for your cup of hot cocoa.

Car Sex! — Louis Tomlinson

Tonight was a fucking great night. I had my 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend Louis and we went to the club with the others. It was a great year with him, included fights, tours and of course fucking rumors. Ok you sure think now why the hell they’re going to a club on an anniversary. We just don’t want to be as the other couples, just different. Staying at home, watching 50475884 movies on one evening. Honestly, this is boring. So we decided to go to a club and get drunk and fuck untill we see the sunlight. Now I’m sitting on the bar with Louis next to me downing shots. Both of us were slightly drunk. Harry and Niall were somewhere grinding on girl while Liam was with Danielle and Zayn with Perrie somewhere else. “(Y/N) I have to go to the bathroom. Stay here, okay?” He slurred. I just nodded because my vision was to blurry and I couldn’t see anything.

After a few minutes someone sat next to me. I couldn’t see if it was Louis or someone else. But I was to drunk to care so I just grabbed his face and kissed him roughly. He grabbed me by the waist so I have to get up. With that he led me through the crowd to the dancefloor. He turned me around and I started grinding on him, swaying my hips to the music. I could feel his bulge on my ass and I grabbed his neck, pulling him closer. Suddenly his warm body disappeared behind me. I turned around immediately and only saw Lou beat up a man who looked similar to him. “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING WITH MY GIRLFRIEND?” Louis asks yelling. I ran my hand through my straight hair while Zayn and Liam hold Louis back from killing this guy. “I just sat next to your sexy girlfriend then she grabbed my face and kissed me. So I would ask her this question..” He winked at me and walked smirking into the crowd. “And now to you!” He stormed over to me. “If you wouldn’t were dressed like a fucking whore this all wouldn’t happened!” He yelled in my face. I could see the anger in his blue eyes. I felt the warm tears in my eyes but I just turned around and wanted to run away but instead I bumped into Harry. I mumbled a short sorry and headed to the exit.

I searched his car in the big parking lot and finally found it. Since I had the keys in my little purse I climbed into the passenger seat, threw the key into the drivers seat and sat there crying my eyes out.

I don’t know how long I sat there but suddenly Louis hopped into his seat and slammed the door shot. He just sat there with his hands on his wheel, his knuckels became white. He finally found his keys under his bum and started the car. Great, now we can drive about 40 minutes in silence! I just looked out of the window to see other people, other cars and big houses with christmas decoration. Finally he broke the silence.

“(Y/N) I didn’t mean to say this..” I interrupted him “But you said it!” He sighed “But I didn’t mean to.. It was just the fact that my girlfriend is dancing with another guy.” I ooked down on my thighs. “Yeah, I thought it was you. This is why I kissed him and danced with him but it wasn’t you.. I only want to be with you!” “Love, I know. Liam saw, you were drunk and he clearly looked like me.” I finally looked at him and asked “Forgive me, love?” He laughed and playfully said “No” with a wink.

Is this fucker kidding me? I smiled to myself when I aid my hand down on his crotch and palmed him trough his jeans. I low moan escaped his lips. “What about now? Do you forgive me now?” - “Love, not now. I’m driving!” He gave me a serious look. “Eyes on the road and let me do things on my own!” I winked at him while my hand unzipped his pants and my hand dissapeared in his tight jeans into his boxers. I could feel him harden under my touch and his throbbing cock asked for some release.

Finally I took out his cock and he hissed when the air hit it. It was standing proudly in the the air and I ran my hands up and down his shaft. “If you don’t want it then why are you so fucking hard?” He just moaned in response. I could see his knuckles went white on the wheel when I pumped my hand up and down his throbbing dick.

I leaned to the side to his ear and whispered as seductively as I can in his ear “You still don’t forgive me, baby?” With that I licked on his earlobe and then down on his neck. He moaned a little no while I stroked his thick shaft. I leaned down and off the pre-cum. He screamed out in pleasure “OH GOD YES (Y/N)!!” I felt the car pulled over to the side of the street and he demanded “Get in the back of the car!” I climbed back and lied down on the comfortable leather seats.

He climbed on top of me and hovered over me. He wasted no time and ripped of both of our clothes. When our clothes were somewhere in the car he sat down on the leather seat and demanded “Come here and turn around!” I lied down with my pussy in his lap and ass in the air. He softly stroked and massaged my ass cheeks. Then I felt a big pain in it. “Thats for driving me insane while I’m driving this fucking car.” *spank* “Thats for kissing and dancing with this fucking guy!” *spank* “And thats for fucking having some short tight dresses on when we’re out, but I love it, baby!” Everytime his hand met my ass cheek I let out a scream of pain and pleasrue. Shit, this must be sore tomorrow!

He laid me down on the leather seat and hovored over me again. he kissed me neck while his hand slided down to my wet pussy. He looked down and chuckled “Oh what a mess. Your wetness is everywhere on the leather seat.” He shoved two fingers into you. “No, Louis. I want your dick, not your fingers!” He smirked and kissed me, pulled his fingers out and instead shoved his huge manhood into me. We had now for 1 year sex nearly every evening, when he’s not on tour and I’m still to tight for him. He pumped into me at a fast pace while moaning my name “(Y/N). Oh shit. You’re still so tight. OH YES. I thought I fucked you in the last year?” I screamed out “probably not good enough!!” “Ecuse me, fucking slut?” he panted.

I felt the car rocking back and forth. “(Y/N) God, I’m almost there!” “Wait for me, Tommo!” I moaned out. His hand found my swolen clit and he rubbed figure-eights on it making me scream out in pleasure. “Looouis, I’m about to cum!!!” While he moaned he released into me. His hot cum inside of me made me cum as well.

He collapsed panting on top of me. I asked him “What about nmow?” Louis gave me a confused look. “What do you mean?” “Forgive me now?” “Yes, love. I couldn’t say no!” He gave me a wink.

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~Dirty Niall Imagine: The Beach~

“You got everything?” You asked Niall as you slipped on your right flip flop. He picked up the beach bag, consisting of towels, sunscreen, a volleyball, and a few other miscellanious items, and nodded, smiling excitedly. Niall was always up for a day that the beach, and you were always up for treating him to one. “Let’s go!” He chanted as he raced to the car in nothing but swim trunks and flip flops. You just laughed at him and followed, hopping into the passenger seat. Niall carefully placed the bag in the trunk of the Rang Rover and climbed into the driver’s side. He slid the key in the ignition and you were on your way.

You didn’t live far from the beach — Only about fifiteen minutes — but you decided to make the most of your short ride. You were flipping through your local radio stations where you heard “One Thing” come on. You looked up at Niall and grinned and he did the same. You turned up the radio, blasting it out the windows, and you both sang like teenage girls. You did the same for almost every song you both knew until you arrived at the beach.

Niall quickly parked as you hopped out of the car, shutting your car door behind you. Niall opened the trunk and grabbed the beach bag with one hand, and intertwined your fingers with his in the other. You walked up to the beach together to see that there was abosolutely no one in sight. “Why’s no one here?” You asked as you continued walking. “It’s Wednesday morning, I think everyone’s a bit busy…” he replied, making you chuckle a tad. “Well let’s go! We have a beach to ourselves! You screamed, dashing towards the water. Niall followed soon behind, leaving the bag in the dry part of the sand. He came up behind you in the water and scooped you up, wrapping your legs around his waist as he held you closely. You cupped his face in your hands gently as you looked into his deep blue eyes — Nearly as blue as the ocean you were in. “Niall,” you said, loud enough so he could hear you over the waves. “Yeah?” And you swiftly pulled him in and kissed him passionately. He bit your bottom lip asking for entrance, which you gladly allowed him. He slipped his warm tongue into your mouth, exploring it smoothly. You moved your hands to his neck and toyed with his hair, turning him on. Naill pulled away from the kiss and looked you in the eyes and said, “We need to do this… I’m gonna’ burst.” And you knew exactly what he meant.

Niall kept you in his arms as he walked up to the dry sand and laid you down. “Take it off…” Niall commanded, turning you on as well. Niall was never too assertive, but when he was it was so hot. So you obeyed and removed your bikini top, exposing yourself. Niall shook his head in disbelief as he looked down at you, biting his lip to hold in some of his language. You reached your hand up and stroked his bulge through his trunks gently, teasing him a bit. He tilted his head back a tad, letting out a brief moan before getting down on the sand with you. He kissed you roughly but passionately, massaging your breasts gently.  You ran your fingers through Niall’s hair again, causing him to moan into the kiss.

Eventually, Niall was kissing his way down your jawline, softly sucking on places he knew you loved. “Oh my God…” You whispered as he made his way down your chest. He gently kissed each nipple, and then sucked on them. This drove you mad and you tilted your head back and enjoyed. “Mmm…” You let out as Niall smiled up at you, biting down on one of your nipples. He made his way down your stomach, leaving little kisses all down it. He stopped at the top of your bikini bottoms, looking up at you and asking for permission. You gladly granted him access, in which he literally ripped them off of your body. You kept your legs together, nervous of what he would think. You had never had sex with Niall before, so you were a bit hesitant. He pried your legs open and admired your pussy. “Why are you so shy? You’re beautiful…” You blushed as he began to eat you out, swirling his tongue in every direction, on and around your clit. He began lapping at your clit like a kitten, then sucking on it hard, making you moan loudly. Without warning, he slipped two fingers inside of you, making your legs seem like jelly. “Oh fuck!” You screamed, not caring if anyone heard.

Just before you were going to cum, Niall stopped all together. He slid his trunks down just passed his length, letting spring out and smack him in the abs. It was much bigger than you had imagined, and you weren’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Niall gently massaged the head before positioning himself at your opening. “It’s big, Niall…” He smirked proudly, gripping onto your thighs. “… And I don’t know if it’ll fit…” He shook his head and smiled. “Leave that to me, (Y/N)…” and he quickly shoved his whole length inside of you, making you scream loudly. “Oh God! Niall, fuck!” He began slowly sliding himself in and out of you, trying to not hurt you too bad. “Just get it over with…” You said as he picked up the pace, causing unbareable pain for a moment before it was the nicest sensation you had ever felt. “Oh, oh, fuck yes!” You screamed as Niall let your name mixed with curse words escape his lips. You were so tight, you came within minutes, riding out your vision-blurring orgasm with moans and heavy breathing. “Hold on…” Niall said as he exploded inside of you, feeling you whole body become warm with cum.

Niall laid in the sand next to you, wrapping his arm around you as you snuggled close to him. His still-hard member poking at your thigh a bit, but you didn’t care. Niall kissed your temple gently as he whispered, “I think I love you, (Y/N)…” You looked up at him and gave him a weak smile. “I know I love you, Niall…”

Hope you liked it .xx

Harry Imagine. *(Dirty)*

You and your boyfriend Harry are at your flat. You haven’t seen him for a while due to his promo stuff with work, so you were fairly happy to see him. You are both watching your favorite movie, “Love Actually”. You’re dressed in some volleyball spandex and one of Harry’s t-shirts. Not even 10 minutes into the movie and Harry is already trying to make a move. He begins sucking your neck, trying to kiss you, etc. “Babe, stop” you whine. “Babe…” you say again once he doesn’t stop. “C’mon babe” Harry says, kissing your sweet spot. You moan in pleasure. “You like that babe?” he asks. “Mhmm…..” you say half moaning. Harry kisses the spot again, wanting you badly. “Oh god babe” you say, completely in pleasure. That’s when  you take control. You straddle him, slowly nipping at his shirt. “I like where this is going” Harry says. “Shut up, you’re mine now.” You seductively say. You rip off his shirt aggressively, stripping his bottoms as well. He laid there, naked. Boy did he look like a fucking god. He helps you out of your shirt and spandex, leaving you naked. “I don’t tease, but I don’t warn either” you whisper in the curly haired boy’s ear. You feel his penis rise. “Bit excited babe?” you giggle to yourself. You begin to kiss his neck, really wanting to surprise him. As he was feeling your body, you quickly thrusted into him. A loud moan escapes your lips. “God Harry I didn’t remember you being this big.” you say, riding his huge dick. “Fuck yeah, ride me babe.” he groans. You moan louder, adjusting to his big size. After moments of riding his dick, Harry pulls you out and gets on top of you. “My turn” he whispers. Without warning, he thrusts into you, so hard. The loudest moan made its way out of your mouth. “OH GOD HARRY.” you moan. You can see Harry smiling. Cheeky bastard. “Say my fucking name babe.” he commands. You moan louder and louder, not obeying his commands. Seeing this, he thrusts into you harder. You still don’t obey. He thrusts into you so hard you can’t help but scream his name. “HARRY, JESUS FRIGGIN’ CHRIST”. You yell. “Harry I’m going to c-” you don’t even finish your sentence until he says, “Wait, hold it in babe.” You can’t help but hold it in. “C’mon babe it’s coming.” you moan. “Go.” he whispers. You let your juices flow into his penis. “You’re so warm babe.” he chuckles. He kisses your neck, as he finishes up. He lays down next you, wrapping a blanket over him. You wrap an arm around his torso. “Jesus babe” he says, out of breath. You laugh, knowing you satisfied him. “What can I say.” you respond cheekily. You get up and dress back in your spandex and t-shirt, not bothering with your bra. Before you get yourself and after sex snack, you peck Harry on the lips. He smacks your ass, grateful for having such a sex kitten like you. 

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